Prepare For Employment Opportunities Under Logistics Hub Project

Huge employment potential is on the way, she stated. We wont have to migrate (in search of jobs) you can stay right here, and other people are going to try and to migrate to Jamaica, she stated. The Industry State Minister was speaking on the topic: Jamaica Logistics Hub; Opportunities and Challenges at a public forum staged by the Montego Bay Community College recently at the institutions Alice Eldemire Drive campus. Ffolkes-Abrahams told the packed room of students that they are the ones who will be called on to take up the economic opportunities when the hub becomes a reality. She said that apart from the great demand for labour, there will also be opportunities for persons with entrepreneurial abilities. Making reference to Singapore, Ffolkes Abrahams said that the logistics and transportation sector contributes up to eight per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) and employs approximately 200,000 persons. She added that the small and medium enterprises in Singapore accounts for 80 per cent of companies and employs 40 per cent of the logistic centre workforce. Right now I can tell you, there are a number of companies seeking to come to Jamaica to establish plants in Jamaica, reason being they know that the hub is coming and therefore, they would be able to reach the other Caribbean islands through Jamaica, and they would be able to reach with their goods and services the North American market, European market and the Eastern markets as well as the Southern markets, she stated. Like our Facebook page Follow us on Twitter Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Sharon Ffolkes Abrahams (left), addresses a public forum recently at the Montego Bay Community College on the topic: Jamaica Logistics Hub: Opportunities and Challenges.


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