Nutritionist Explains What To Indulge In This Halloween, How To Work It Off

But it doesnt have to be so frightening to indulge in those treats. News 12 learns from an expert what you and your kids can enjoy this holiday without causing problems down the line. Nutritionist Marlo Mittler says you and your kids should stay away from the hard candies with the high sugar count. Jolly Ranchers, Tootsie Rolls says Mittler. The longer it sticks to your mouth, the longer it sticks to your teeth — bacteria stays on there and you’re looking at a dentist’s nightmare. Mittler adds that something as simple and tiny as Candy Corn can wreak havoc on teeth and the body with its artificial flavoring, coloring and sugar. She says there are healthier options out there, including pretzels or fruit. But lets say you indulge a little bit too much see page on your kids candy. Mittler explains that for each piece of certain candies, some time in the gym or working out can get rid of the guilt. For a full size candy bar, youre gonna have to go running for about 30-40 minutes or a bike ride for 45 minutes to burn off that one bar, says Mittler. The fun size option, only about a 10-minute run or 20-minute bike ride, she adds. For more information on Halloween candy and healthier options, click on the videos and links on the left. Be the first to rate: 0


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