Same Profession And A Happy Marriage?

Lines between personal and professional space blur bringing trouble for the couple,” she adds. Marriage is not a game of players where one wins and the other sulks on the losing side. It is a relationship of equals, a relationship that grows and nurtures only when there is trust, faith and affection for each other. Vikrant Sud, a pediatrician by profession and soon to tie the knot with his long-time physician girlfriend explains why an alliance of medicine practitioners works best. “Explanation or clarification on things like extended shifts, a call at 1 in the night would not be needed when I know my partner is on the same career ship as I am and would understand me regardless. Conversation on medical cases would not have been possible had I decided to marry a girl of other profession,” he adds. Every marriage survives the inevitable highs and lows of life but the important thing is to face the challenges together as a team.

I’m too emotional, can I be a doctor? Teenager asks doctors

“How do you handle it when you make mistakes?” asked a student from St Paul’s English School . Dr Roopa Devadasen from the community and urban health department replied: “The most difficult thing after having made a mistake is to own up. It requires courage and honesty to accept the mistake. And when a doctor does so, the first ones to forgive will be the patient and his relatives. For, the bond a patient and doctor share is special and rare. It is based on sheer trust.” “Can doctors save lives?” asked Dr Shekhar , plastic surgeon . When the students replied in the affirmative, the doctor shook his head. “No, except in three conditions-when the trachea is blocked, chest is injured or a person is bleeding to death… Medicine is a hypothetical science. It is not a true science. Medical science is not fully explainable. It is only by virtue of statistics that we assert certain things,” he said. The doctors, all of them in unison, asserted that medicine is a profession meant for people only with commitment and compassion. This triggered the next question from students: why is it then that medical students are avoiding rural service. “That’s because by the time medical students reach their final year, they lose sense of the outside society.


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