Appleinvestor In The Wilderness | Trading Apple Without Fear – Hard Work Done For You

You cant predict these events, and the news that often sparks them occurs through channels that are not mainstream, and so you sit there dumb-founded wondering what happened. Technical Analysis (TA) simply doesnt work in this kind of environment. Besides the fact that Technical Analysis relies a great deal on a traders subjectiveness, as everyone seems to interpret patterns in their own way, there is little statistical backing that TA, like candlestick patterns, or Head and Shoulders, have any more than a 50/50 chance of working. I suppose thats better than a 30 percent chance, so if you have a handle on money management perhaps you can salvage a tie, or a eek out a small profit every once in a while. The Answer Let a system to the hard work Automated systems traders are not phased by all of this. They can often employ dozens of strategies, with deft execution, and zero emotion.


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