Simpson Manufacturing: Construction Recovery Builds Future Growth

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Buildings should be designed to be safe for the occupants. One important thing to do to check the incidence of building collapse is to disallow people who are not qualified to get involved in building anything more than a bungalow. Whenever any building more than one floor is to be erected, a certified engineer must be involved. Again, education is very important. When I came out of school 25 years ago, I was able to read and interpret a building drawing. These days, thought about this people come out of school with Two-One grade, yet they cannot read a drawing. It is not that these graduates are not intelligent; they are victims of a systemic problem. For instance, there is strike today and another tomorrow and when students come back from the strike, they face exams.

‘Construction companies need to invest in their business to grow the industry’


Which cover: new articles | breaking news | earnings results | dividend announcements Get email alerts on This article was sent to 352,547 people who get the Investing Ideas newsletter. Get the Investing Ideas newsletter Simpson Manufacturing: Construction Recovery Builds Future Growth Oct 15 2013, 17:18 by: Todd Campbell | about: SSD , includes: HD BOOKMARKED / READ LATER Added to your bookmarks on the Seeking Alpha homepage Remove Bookmark Bookmark Save this article to continue reading from your iPad Get the app The recent tick higher in interest rates has some worrying over ongoing recovery in home building and construction spending. But, with rates still near historical lows and inventory still tight, opportunity remains for building suppliers like Simpson Manufacturing ( SSD ), a maker of metal connectors for stick built construction and specialty concrete products. Simpson has been scoring higher in the research conducted by my firm, E.B. Capital Markets, LLC, suggesting it’s a good time to look at the catalysts likely to move the stock over the coming year.


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