Louisiana’s Construction Budget Worries Lessen


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The project will be completely funded by private donations, continuing a trend to give the campus a face-lift without use of state General Fund dollars. So far, UK has raised more than $45 million for the business school update. The work will expand the building by 40 percent, adding a 500-seat auditorium, 20 classrooms, study rooms, a special events hall and an atrium in a new main entrance. Work is expected to be finished in the spring of 2016. The flurry of construction work at UK follows legislative action this year that authorized building projects at public universities across Kentucky.

UK unveils next round of construction

At the start of the year, Louisiana was teetering so close to its debt cap that Treasurer John Kennedy said the state’s pool of money to pay for ongoing construction projects was running dry and there was little room to borrow more. Nichols said the situation never was as dire as it had been described. But both the treasurer’s office and Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration agreed this week that the state has the wiggle room to borrow again, to replenish the construction fund. Kennedy, however, framed it as an improved situation, but one that will keep the state hovering near its debt cap for years. “We’re better, but we’re not well.


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