Construction Project Giving Business Owners Headaches

Hagel visit to South Korea focuses attention on large U.S. military presence, construction

News helicopters showed all but the tail of the plane trapped under a collapsed section of the small building. Investigators could not immediately say whether anyone was inside the hangar at the time of the crash. A plume of smoke rising above the airport could be seen in the twilight sky over the neighborhoods surrounding the airport in the hours after the crash. After hearing a loud boom, several neighbors ran toward the airport and saw the fire. “It was very, very terrifying, it was sad to see just so much smoke, and the building collapse and the loud boom, you just put it all together and it’s scary,” witness Alyssa Lang told KABC-TV. Witness Charles Thomson told the TV station the plane appeared to make a “perfectly normal landing” before veering off course.

Construction industry fears miner’s nightmare

“For instance, crushed stone powder could be used in place of sand for laying interlocking pavers. Solutions can also be found by technical experts to use alternative materials to sand for construction,” Agrawal said. Sources said that the construction industry, reeling as it does under global recession, is facing “tough times”. “It’s a buyer’s market out there. Though the rise in the cost of sand and other fundamental construction material is bound to increase the cost of construction, the builders are unable to pass on the burden to the buyers.

Construction begins on $90M distribution center in Union

Work has begun on the $90 million distribution center in Union being constructed by developer ProLogis Logistics Services Inc.  for end user Proctor & Gamble.

He cited the security threat posed by North Korea, which conducted a nuclear test in February and is developing long-range ballistic missiles thought to be capable of reaching the western United States. Our focus on our interests and on our commitments to our allies will remain the same, Hagel told reporters here Wednesday. At the direction of President Obama, the Pentagon has been trying to devote more strategic attention to Asia by bolstering its alliances and military presence in the region. Hagel said the Asia strategy remains a priority, but he acknowledged that budget pressures are forcing the Pentagon to make hard choices elsewhere. Well adjust, Hagel said Wednesday at a news conference at the Ministry of Defense in Seoul.

We are hoping once the road is done it will get back to normal and we’re sure it’s going to be a great asset when it’s complete,” he said. Traffic tends to back up for long periods of time in both directions. The construction is something folks will contend with for a while to come — the project is less than 50 percent complete and construction will last into at least late 2014. Just up the road, we met with Frank Underwood, the general manager at Our House Restaurant. The business opened less than two months ago;Underwood says opening a new restaurant while a road is being built out front isn’t easy. “One day the traffic will be moving nice, the next day they will be lined up all the way in to Johnson City,” he said.

Big-D Construction Announces New Senior Vice President Of Business Development

Jergens Construction Inc. got to work on the facility promptly after ProLogis closed on the 1.8 million-square-foot distribution facility Sept. 20. Preconstruction began on Sept. 23.

Markets closed Big-D Construction Announces New Senior Vice President Of Business Development Press Release: Big-D Construction Fri, Oct 4, 2013 2:23 PM EDT (Logo: ) In his expanded role, Moore will be responsible to coordinate and lead the business development efforts across Big-D’s seven offices and fourteen operating groups. Moore’s focus will be on developing and integrating a coordinated business development strategy throughout the firm’s market area. Moore has grown up with Big-D, working in field operations, estimating, and business development for almost 18 years. Moore is known for his natural talent for building relationships with owners and influencers, along with his skill in developing effective strategies to help Big-D succeed. Moore attended Utah State University where he majored in marketing, and Utah Business Magazine has named him as one of Utah’s Rising Stars.


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