Construction Hiring Grounds To A Halt In August

Construction crane incident on West Broadway causes Vancouver road closure

housing market, which is inextricably linked to construction, has been one of the few bright spots in an otherwise spotty economic recovery. Inventory has tightened and home prices have risen as demand has increased in many regions and foreclosures have fallen off from their recent record highs. Given the shrinking inventory of available homes and the growing demand by home buyers, it stands to reason that home builders would be hiring more workers to help fill the void. But they didnt in August, according to data released Friday by the U.S. Department of Labor.

las vegas home construction

Photograph by: Ian Lindsay , PNG Files VANCOUVER – There were some traffic delays on West Broadway on Friday morning after a construction crane fell and ignited some pallets on the ground. Gabe Roder, a spokesman for Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services, said a construction crane came in contact with some live wires at West Broadway and Collingwood. He said there have been no reports of injuries. When the crane contacted the wires, Roder said a bolt of energy travelled down the crane cable, causing some pallets to ignite on the ground. Roder said the fire is out, but the ground may still be energized. Fire crews have created a safety zone around the area as a precautionary measure and have laid a hose line in the event there are any more fires. BC Hydro is working to shut the power off.

Construction firms hit hiring crunch

In line with Brazil’s National Development Bank (BNDES), Timetric anticipates infrastructural investments totaling BRL597 billion (US$294 billion) over 2012?2015, 30% higher than the BRL461 billion (US$227 billion) invested during 2007?2010. Electricity and transport are slated to be the main investment targets. Despite the housing market being overvalued in Brazil, house prices continue to rise at one of the highest rates in the world. The residential construction market is set to grow over the forecast period, driven by rising incomes, the increased availability of mortgages and a scarcity of affordable housing. A depressed economic environment in Europe and a slowing economic growth rate in China led to a decline in the demand for Brazilian exports, and consequently a decline in production. Wage indexation, combined with lack of an educated workforce decreased the competitiveness of the Brazilian manufacturing sector.

Construction in Brazil – Key Trends and Opportunities to 2017

The survey covered 700 firms across the country, of which 74 percent said hiring is a challenge now that construction activity is picking up. Some of the hardest jobs to fill include onsite roles such as carpenters, equipment operators, laborers and administrative jobs such as project supervisors, estimators and engineers. Stephen Sandherr , CEO of the contractors association, said that the situation is likely to worsen during the next couple of years. aWe need to take short- and long-term steps to make sure there are enough workers to meet future demand and avoid the costly construction delays that would come with labor shortages,a Sandherr said. Construction jobs are growing in the Bay Area, with about 95,000 workers currently employed, up from about 79,000 in 2010, and projections reach more than 118,000 by 2018, according to Beacon Economics, a San Rafael-based firm. That includes construction workers in Contra Costa, Alameda, Marin, San Mateo and San Francisco counties.


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